So, after my first date with a Dr. J (see  I waited (almost) 48 hours and finally gave in by sending a text… then another text… Then I got a “I’m in a meeting but will get back to you shortly!” Then I replied the following evening with, “Well, that’s not very nice.” Of course he acted like he had no idea what I was referring to, I guess old guys don’t have smartphones that retain message history.

I tried to withhold my frustration but like a bubbling volcano, I just couldn’t.  I’ve got rage against men issues.  

I reminded Dr. J that he said he would call me, never did, and I thought it was rude!  I’m sure that’s part of the ‘101 things not to do as a SB’ rulebook.  

Nevertheless, my gut tells me he’s just a ‘john’ not a real daddy, and he admitted he wants to pay for play, so something about that just didn’t sit right with me and now it seems to be over as soon as it began.  

Oh well, on to the next?

Some new guys, Mark and Walt have been emailing me quite a bit and seem nice enough, but of course we all do at first don’t we?  I actually started a spreadsheet in order to keep notes on whom I met, some background on them and on what site contact was initiated through (thorough, right?)  I guess I’ll pick some three or four-dollar-sign rated restaurants and hope for the best.  

If there’s one thing I know, attempting to be a Sugar Baby could be a great way to save on groceries and enjoy new restaurants in your city! 

CONFESSION: I accepted a date with a ‘normal’ guy who I’ve actually met in person before he found me on a ‘normal’ dating site… so I’m probably too excited at the prospect of adding a hot, less-ancient cutie to my dating portfolio.  I’m torn about dating multiple people though, especially when it comes to juggling multiple SDs and a ‘real’ guy.

Obviously I have a long way to go if I intend to ever be a “successful” SB, but the bottom line is that I’m so torn between being myself and being what the SD wants I wonder if I’ll really meet a good one online or not.

I’m tempted to purchase the coaching package called something like The Sugar Formula, that girl sure has a great marketing campaign!  As they say it takes money to make money right, does the same apply for sugar dating?


I’d love some feedback on other sugar baby “techniques”, tips or success you’ve had with advice columns or a coaching program… What are your non-negotiables?  Do you really just put your SD in the back of your mine or chime in here and there and keep them at a distance and in the back of your mind/life?  Do you develop and act out a whole new persona in order to appease the shallow desires of a SD or is it all about law of numbers… date a lot in hopes of finding the right one? I look forward to your thoughts. Please share! 




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This blog was created as a memoir and in-depth account of my real encounters, experiences and research findings.  I hope that it may help shed light on the dating scene from an objective, (albiet “amateur” point of view) as it pertains to “sugar”.  I also hope to educate, entertain and inspire along the way. :)