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I want to start this post with a question to all experienced Sugar Babies, do you find  that your SD usually takes control of everything in your relationship, or do you?

I ask because as you know I’m still torn about how to go about pursuing this lifestyle with success.  Dr. J. is out of the picture just as fast as he got in frame, now I’ve had several new potentials but I can’t lie, most of them are overweight and hideous and I can’t truly begin to imagine eventually having sexual relations with any of them, so I don’t bother responding.  I know this is probably frowned upon because these are the ‘average joes’ who probably make the best SDs, but a girl’s gotta have standards right?

I just received messages from a few gents who I semi-jokingly say “might be too young” for me as they are under 45, but more ‘ideal’ in terms of not outright looking like an arranged couple in the public (not that I really care that much).  I took a leap of faith and asked one to take me to dinner tonight, since I’m used to be a girl who “takes the bull by the horns”, I figured, hey SD’s like that aspect of surprise from their babies right?

I also received a message offering a free one-on-one coaching session with the sugar formula creator, Taylor… can anyone attest to the benefits of using her advice, or is this really all about me getting out of my own head and trying to be more like those care-free, ditzy girls who seem to get everything they want from wealthy suitors.


What am I doing wrong?




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This blog was created as a memoir and in-depth account of my real encounters, experiences and research findings.  I hope that it may help shed light on the dating scene from an objective, (albiet “amateur” point of view) as it pertains to “sugar”.  I also hope to educate, entertain and inspire along the way. :)