I am totally in shock that it’s been THREE YEARS since my last post and feel TERRIBLY flakey.  In honor of this fact I’ve decided to:

Get serious about my #sugarbabylife because I do believe that this  third time will be the charm  and I’ve decided to shuffle between  three SDs.


Ok it may be a little corny but I don’t care… I promise you- between the hot prospective daddies I’m working, my real time realizations and love for describing the juicy details you’ll be glad I’m back to share with you!

If you’ve read my previous posts you may be wondering about Adam, Mr. M and whomever else- but forget them.  I’ve since moved on to much more exciting news like I’ve relocated AND become a flight attendant…


Did I mention that I fell in love?

Wow that’s another threesome!




Quick B.G. my baby and I have been shacking up for over a year now and he keeps trying to figure out what kind of ring I want and guess what, we met on farmersonly.com! I’m totally kidding but we did meet on a ‘regular’ dating site *not a sugar site* but this leads me to my first major epiphany that kicked my sugar craving into gear.

I know… you’re probably thinking “WTF?! Didn’t you just say you’re in LOVE and getting ENGAGED?!” 💘💍

Yes and Yes, however UNTIL I do settle all the way down I have chosen to only Settle for Sugar (shameless plug) the realization I have come to is that I am already a bit of a spoiled brat sometimes, HOWEVER the difference between myself and TYPICAL spoiled brats is:

– I take care of the home (which any real woman knows IS a full-time job in itself!)

– I always check in with bae and make sure he knows I’m safe, when I’m coming home and that I have his best interests at heart.

– I have always and will always want freedom to travel and work WHEN I want to so it’s for these reasons that getting back into the bowl is ideal for me.


I also came to the realization that although he takes care of home and makes MORE coin than I do… that’s not a good enough reason for me to settle into a stay-at-home role, because I never desired that and I made myself clear about that from day 1.

I want to take this time to remind the readers out there that is MY MEMOIR, I am happy to meet and make #sugarsisters but if you disagree with anything that I say, that’s all your salt!


Today I “met” a very well-known sb author today via email and she said “Be careful of the web you weave when you deceive.” However I don’t believe that having occasional naughty conversations with pots is any worse than watching porn… the decision I will have to make is whether I will pull the “I want a long engagement” card someday or not – OR- if I decide I want to get PHYSICAL with my new SD.  And yes I am a very sexual woman but I truly feel in my heart that my occasional urges aren’t worth breaking my baby’s heart over… so of course I’m torn.


This last notion may sound ridiculous to many, but I feel that I am at a stage in my life where I choose to redefine what it is to “cheat”. Because I seek no romance or emotional support from an SD, I will simply focus on enjoying the process of getting daddy right where I want him at all times.  I think it’s when people are wreckless and shameless THAT is when they get busted.  I don’t intend on being either. After all I’m focused more than ever on being a #goaldigger , not like these chicka who are clearly escorting themselves and not even thinking about the future because that’s such a shame.


If there’s ever been a time in history that a woman should feel liberated from the gender and societal pressures that have been drilled into us since we were little girls it most certainly is 2017 for this girl.


At the end of the day,  sugar is as sugar does.  I’ll just be sure to plan my moves so that I am always three steps ahead of everyone I’m involved with.

Stay tuned.





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